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About Me

Hi there, I am Mariah!

I live with my sweet husband and four darling kids in Temple/Belton, TX. Since getting married, we have lived in five different cities, in three different states!  All of these moves have stemmed from pursuing our dreams and education.  Moving so often definitely has it's difficult points, but I am finding joy in the journey of my life, and I am photographing it every step of the way. 

I graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Family Life & Human Development.  My love for photography started in high school when I took a black and white film course offered through the local university. It soon turned into an outlet that pretty much consumed me. I would spend what seemed like an hour in the dark room, and realize it had been four hours since I had even looked at a clock.  Eventually, I got wrapped up in the digital world, but black and white film will always have a part of my heart! My 
obsession with photography quickly turned career oriented, as I felt major pressure my senior year of high school to "know what I wanted to be when I grew up".  I decided then that I wanted to be a photographer.  My original dream was to work for National Geographic and travel the word, but got sidelined when I realized that I want to be a super involved wife and mama. Although I still think there will be a time and a place for that!

Fast forward more than a decade, and I'm still waiting to grow up.  Does anyone else feel forever eighteen?

In recent years, I had several heartbreaking and challenging experiences that prompted some serious soul searching in regards to family and portrait photography. Why do I feel so passionate about this? Why am I drawn to familial interactions, emotion and milestones? I have found that the worth of a photo isn't necessarily made apparent until that photo is lost forever, or that loved one is gone forever.  I have experienced both of those aspects of loss recently, and those experiences have shaken me to my core.  These defining moments clarified why I do what I do.  So when our memories fade, or when life's tragedies strike, we have something tangible and priceless to hold on to. 

My life's true calling belong to my three precious children, and my incredible husband.  As passionate as I feel about preserving memories and life through photography, I feel equally passionate about creating a loving sanctuary for my little people.  I try to balance both worlds with lots of pillow forts, other hobbies (exercising, quilting and baking) as well as getting involved in the community and our church group.  Life is good! 

As serious as I sound when I talk about all of my life's passions, the truth is: I talk too much, laugh a lot and have a chocolate addiction. I also love meeting new people and making new friends. Don't be shy! Send me a message.

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Tel: 801-694-6491