Ariel | Lubbock Maternity Photographer

This is another post from my late summer adventures.  But Ariel’s maternity session was so gorgeous, you really can’t blame me!

Ariel is a dear friend of mine, and I think that made us both feel a little more comfortable for the session. I have admitted before that I used to do anything to get out of a maternity session. They made me  uncomfortable because I felt a lot of pressure to help them be comfortable in front of the camera. And we all know that it’s hard to feel gorgeous at the peak of a pregnancy.  However. Ariel WAS (and still is) super gorgeous. And we were both comfortable. Which resulted in some really really stunning pictures.

Doing this session with Ariel really helped me break out of my maternity session phobia.. and I dare admit that they are now one of my favorites to photograph! (Thanks Ariel!)

lubbock maternity photographer-8956
lubbock maternity photographer-8986
lubbock maternity photographer-8976
lubbock maternity photographer-9037
lubbock maternity photographer
lubbock maternity photographer-9010
lubbock maternity photographer-9161
lubbock maternity photographer-9175
lubbock maternity photographer-9208
lubbock maternity photographer-9226
lubbock maternity photographer-9309
lubbock maternity photographer-9315
lubbock maternity photographer-9329

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