Baby Brielle | Lubbock Birth Story Photography

Because life is busy, and because blogging takes the back burner when it gets crazy…. I post some posts really late. Like this one. But you should know that if I ever post something… it’s because I really love it.

Baby Brielle was born in June, right in the peak of home renovations, vacations, road trips and a very busy wedding season.  Regardless, I am head-over-heels in love with birth story photography, and I still wanted to share it.

You may remember that I posted Katy’s maternity pictures a few months ago. You can check out her gorgeous session here: Katy| Lubbock Maternity Photographer

You might also remember that I did Katy’s maternity session, knowing that there was a good chance I was going to be out of town when her baby was born. I really really {really} love birth stories, so I was sad at the prospect of missing it.

The stars must have aligned for me, because Katy texted me the next night to tell me she was in labor and was headed to the hospital! It was a good thing I had all my gear ready to go from doing her session the previous night!

I ran home to get my camera, and I got a text from Katy saying she was at a seven. (!!). I knew her two previous labors had gone fast, so I had to book it to the hospital. I was so glad I only lived five minutes away! I honestly walked in the room, and baby Brielle was minutes away from being born. Talk about cutting it close! Because things went so fast, there are less “details”, but we captured so much emotion and many sweet moments that I know they will never want to forget.

Thank you so so much for letting me experience this moment with you. I am absolutely convinced that I need this done for my next baby.

**DISCLAIMER**- This is a blog post about a BIRTH. Of a baby. I am extremely careful that I do not post things that are too private or intimate for the internet. I DO post things that are okay with my clients, and that depict a BIRTH STORY, and the emotion and experience. It may not be for everyone. If that happens to be you, you are welcome to close the browser now. :)

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