Baby Haley |Texas Birth Story Photographer

Baby Haley was born on an incredibly warm and sunny day, just as the sun started to go down. The view from the hospital room window was stunning as the sun began to set and Haley decided she was ready to join us.

As usual, I love to let the pictures tell the story for themselves. I just wanted to add my feelings about the family that welcomed Haley. Immediately, her parents welcomed me into this intimate moment with welcome arms. It felt as though we had been friends for a lifetime. And I knew if they could do that to me, their baby girl was going to be the most loved baby on this planet. And as far as I have seen, this has been true!

I get so attached to these little ones, so I was thrilled that they wanted to drive to Lubbock to have their family pictures taken a few months later. You can see more of this beautiful family here: Hagen Family | Lubbock Family Photographer

Thank you with my entire heart to this beautiful family. With each birth that I witness, I feel like I am made a better person as my heart gets just a little softer. xo xo xo


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