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I can not begin to express the emotions I felt and witnessed during this birth story.

About six months ago, I started to become really interested in birth story photography. I researched like crazy, but I was still a little nervous about offering it to my clients. At some point, the topic of doing birth photography came up in a group of friends, and one of them suggested that I try it out on a friend of mine that was expecting.  At the time, my busiest time of the year was in full swing…. and I didn’t even think about the fact that I had several friends who just had babies, or were pregnant.

I brought the idea up to my friend Laura, who was about seven months pregnant at the time, and was surprised by her excitement and full desire to document her birth story.  I am so glad that she was on board, because it turned into being such an incredible experience.

Henry’s Story

It feels a little strange to be writing a birth story from my perspective as a photographer. After all, the pictures are supposed to tell the story, right?  I did want to preface it by talking about how it felt to witness this experience from my perspective… especially since it was the first time I have photographed a birth story.

Laura texted me around 6:00am to let me know November 5th was “The Day”.  I called my babysitter, and made all the arrangements to head to the hospital.  I wanted to time it just right so that I wasn’t there longer than I needed to be, but also so I didn’t miss anything that happened.  I got there by 8:30am, and Laura was checked into a room, and progressing beautifully.   It was a beautifully warm November day in Lubbock, and we were just started to have the colors change for fall.

After I got to the hospital, I was able to just observe all the preparation that was going on.. and the waiting.  Phone calls were made, popsicles were eaten, naps were taken… everything was going along as expected. Having experienced child birth myself, I felt so much more prepared to understand the  process, and deal with the little hiccups that happen along the way.  Labor and Delivery can be so unpredictable. It can go extremely quickly, or it can take much longer than expected.  It is very hard to have a “plan”, because it most likely won’t work out that way.

While this may not be the case with everyone, Henry’s delivery went very smoothly. I absolutely can NOT get over the emotional experience of seeing the expressions and excitement of parents as they see their baby for the first time.  I got a few odd looks from the nurses as I teared up in that moment, but I could hardly care.

I had to leave pretty quickly after Henry was born, but I came back the next day to check on everyone. I am really glad I did, because everything was a little calmer.

I had been feeling a little blah about photography for a few days before I did this.  I was in the midst of mini sessions, and I was doubting my abilities.  After I went home, I felt so invigorated.  I was taken back to why I even got into photography in the first place. I loved to be able to take a back seat, and just document everything as it happened, instead of working so hard to set everyone up to be perfect.

If I had to choose just one thing to specialize in…. this might just be it.

There were just SO many pictures and details. I couldn’t possibly post them all, but I wanted to do enough that you got a feel for the story, without invading the privacy of Laura & Austin.  You can also see Henry’s darling Lubbock Newborn session here!

I hope you enjoy this beautiful story as much as I did!

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