Baby Rafael | Inside a Fresh 48 Hospital Session, and why I’m crazy about them

I have been so excited to share these images, it was all I could do to not jump right into blogging them the next day. But first things first, I needed to actually show them to my clients first. ;)

Why am I so excited about Fresh 48 Hospital Sessions ?

If you have ever talked to me about photography, you would have heard me gush about how much I love birth photography. There is just something so special about the experience.  Each baby’s birth really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I have felt this passion for this area of photography since I first tried it out four years ago. I have tried pinpointing why I feel so passionate about it, and I think I am starting to discover exactly why I feel this way. First off, it’s just this phase of my life I am in.  I have felt firsthand that parental excitement/sadness when we realize just how quickly our little humans  change and grow.  Our memories truly blur together, and that is why these images are of such great value. And the other reasons I love it may just be a little self-centered. It’s a challenge, pushing my camera to its limits and adapting to shoot in any tight space/lighting scenario. Every one is unique, and I truly see the entire scene through my lens. It’s also an adrenaline rush. So what’s not to love?

You might be thinking, “Okay great. We know you love Birth Photography… but what does that have to do with a Fresh 48 Hospital Session?” And I am glad you asked. When I first started doing birth photography, I would always go back to the hospital a day or so after the baby was born. Just to give mom some time to freshen up, and give a well-rounded perspective of the experience. It also helped to balance out the excitement of the birth with some calm and relaxed images. It’s a bonus that it gives me a little more time and space to compose the shots.

As much as I love the intense moments of photographing an actual birth, I found that those images taken the next day were some of my favorite.  They were peaceful. Sweet. Fresh. Everything that you wanted to remember about having a brand new baby, fresh from heaven!

I had a bit of an “ah-ha!” moment this last year as I have been taking some time off while living in Indiana. I realized that I could start offering a Fresh 48 session, taken within 48 hours of that sweet baby’s birth… and I can appeal to those who may not be on board with having someone photograph the birth. It also appeals to those who may not have the budget for birth photography, but would still cherish the images taken in the hospital (or any birth location). It just clicked for me, and I realized it was special enough to warrant it’s very own session.

And so, I am happy to show you a few from my first “official” Fresh 48 Hospital session.

{You can check out more information about them here:} Fresh 48

Baby Rafael

Rafael was almost exactly 48 hours old when I met him for the first time. Everything was calm and sweet, and it’s amazing how much love his parents already have for him!

I hope you love these as much as I do!


P.S. Be on the lookout for my upcoming post about his newborn session. I am just as excited to share it!

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