Greater Than Gatsby: Innocence Collection Photoshop Actions

Greater Than Gatsby: The Innocence Collection-Photoshop Actions

I was introduced to Greater Than Gatsby last year, when I was approached to see if I would be up for trying out their Newborn Present Workflow for Lightroom.  I wrote a review here, and I loved their products so much I also got to test out The Innocence Collection for Photoshop.   As described on their website, “The Innocence Collection was created to be the ultimate child portrait action set. This three-part collection contains 230 actions, streamlines & enhances your workflow and adds a clean yet creative flair unmatched by any other set on the market.”  I have been using this set almost exclusively for the last six months, so I feel like I have a good handle on what it offers, and how it compares to other similar products in the market.

What You Get:

Greater Than Gatsby’s presets are compatible with Lightroom 4-6, CC & Classic, as well as ACR 7-10. It has three sets: Innocence Retouch, Innocence I, & Innocence II.   I will break them down below. Each set also comes with a detailed ‘Recipe Guide’ to help you download and integrate the workflow. On top of that, they have plenty of videos on their website to show you how to use their products.

My Shooting & Editing Style:

Before I start to say anything about what I think, I wanted to clarify what my personal style is, as it affects how I used and reviewed this workflow. When I photograph, I go into a session trying to get everything as perfect as possible straight out of camera. I want everything to look clean, bright and timeless.  Nothing makes a photographer (or at least this one) cringe like looking back on a photo edited years before, and seeing that it looks over done, trendy and amateur.   My goal in editing is to bring out the beauty of an image in a timeless way, while making it look done to perfection.  It’s a balancing act, trying not to over do it while still making it look timeless.  That is where The Innocence Collection comes in.


Innocence I Actions

You receive 95 Photoshop Actions, and from there they are broken down into the following categories:

  1. Complete Workflow Color Bases (6)

  2. Artistic Enhancements (21)

  3. Earth tone Brushes (10)

  4. One-Click Black & Whites (7)

  5. Moveable Color (18)

  6. Finishing Touches (27)

  7. Resizing & Sharpening (5)

Innocence II Actions

You receive 85 Photoshop Actions, and from there they are broken down into the following categories:

  1. Complete Workflow Color Bases (7)

  2. Artistic Enhancements (29)

  3. Fix The Greens Brushes (12)

  4. Botanical Blends (10)

  5. Sundrenched Vignettes (12)

  6. Finishing Touches (13)

  7. Black & Whites (6)

  8. Resizing & Sharpening (2)

Innocence Retouch

You receive 50 Photoshop Actions, and it’s everything you need to retouch a portrait.

  1. Exposure & Temperature

  2. Frequency Separation

  3. Skin Smoother Brushes

  4. Skin Tone Brushes

  5. Skin Corrector Brushes

  6. Eye Makeover Brushes

  7. Mouth Makeover Brushes

  8. Hair Makeover Brushes

  9. Finishing Brushes


The Actions in Action

It was really hard for me to get to the end without gushing all over the place about how much I love this set.   So which one should you choose? Innocence I or II?  Don’t choose, just get the set. Seriously. I use bits and pieces from both, and well as from the retouch collection.  I took my sweet time with writing this review, and I have been using this set for six months.  It has replaced almost everything else, and has been totally integrated into my workflow.    So what about Newborns? Do I use this set to edit them too? I am glad you asked. Since trying out their Lightroom Presets, I have since purchased their Newborn Photoshop Collection and use it exclusively for my Fresh 48, Birth & Newborn editing.

The bottom line: these are legit, easy to use and high quality actions.

I highly recommend checking out their collections! You can find the workflow directly on their website: Innocence Collection

And other workflows here.

Anyone else tried out Greater Than Gatsby? I would love to know what you think!