Greater Than Gatsby Review : Lightroom Workflow for Newborn Photographers

Great Than Gatsby: Newborn Collection Lightroom Presets

I was approached a few weeks ago by Tom, with Greater Than Gatsby, a company that develops beautiful editing workflows for photographers.  They wanted to send me one of their workflows to play around with in exchange for an honest review of their product.  They sent me the Lightroom workflow, Newborn Collection, geared specifically for newborn photographers. I picked this because I strictly use Photoshop when it comes to editing newborn sessions, and I thought it would be nice to see how my workflow might change if I could do more in Lightroom.

What You Get:

Greater Than Gatsby’s presets are compatible with Lightroom 4-6, CC & Classic, as well as ACR 7-10. It comes with 48 Standard Presets, and 10 Retouch Brush Presets.  It also comes with detailed instructions to help you download and integrate the workflow. On top of that, they have plenty of videos on their website to show you how to use their products.

My Shooting & Editing Style:

Before I start to say anything about what I think, I wanted to clarify what my personal style is, as it affects how I used and reviewed this workflow. When I photograph, I go into a session trying to get everything as perfect as possible straight out of camera. I want everything to look clean, bright and timeless. But if you have ever photographed a newborn, you know that we face several editing hurdles– especially when it comes to that newborn skin.  This collection boasts of it’s skin tone accuracy, and in their words, “the artistic presets are clean, classic and neutral as to not distort the baby’s skin tone.”  I was on board after reading that, as we all know what a challenge that can be.


You receive 48 presets, and from there they are broken down into the following categories: Adjustment Presets (Exposure and White Fixes)

  1. Artistic Tone Enhancements (14)

  2. Artistic B/W Enhancements (5)

  3. GTG Finishing Presets (Lens Correction, Sharpening Boost, Vignettes)

Presets are a great way to start playing with an image if you aren’t sure what direction you want to go with it.  I found myself loving 2-3 of their artistic tone presets, and not caring for the rest. But it’s not like I need the rest, so I am not counting that as a con.


After: Presets Used- Exposure ++, Always Be My Baby | Brushes: Baby Skin Smoother, Reduce Red, Sharpen Details

Preset: Baby I Need Your Loving B/W


The bundle includes 10 Retouch Brushes. They are pretty comprehensive, although I found myself wishing for a haze or blanket blur brush.

  1. Baby Skin Smoother

  2. Fill Flash

  3. Lash Enhancer

  4. Reduce Gray

  5. Reduce Jaundice

  6. Reduce Red

  7. Rosy Cheeks

  8. Shadow Minimizer

  9. Sharpen Details

  10. Whiten Whites

Exposure +, Baby I Love Your Way

Presets: White Fix 2, Baby Got Back | Brushes: Fill Light, Baby Skin Smoother, Reduce Gray

Presets: White Fix 2, Always Be My Baby | Brushes: Reduce Red, Baby Skin Smoother


All in all, this workflow is pretty comprehensive.

I highly recommend checking out their stuff! You can find the workflow directly on their website: Newborn Collection And other workflows here. If you are more of a Photoshop fan, then have an extensive library of actions as well! I can’t wait to get my hands on the Innocence Collection!

Anyone else tried out Greater Than Gatsby? I would love to know what you think!