Liam is One! | Lubbock Portrait Photographer

I really love spring. For sooooo many reasons, but one of my favorite reasons is that there is never a shortage of babies turning one! One-year-old babies are so sweet, and it makes me happy to be a portrait photographer!

Meet Liam. He is a doll face. And I have never seen a kid eat cake quite like him. <3 When I first went through his images, I clicked through them pretty quickly. Best decision ever. It was a like a little video. I wish I could post them all, but it was so entertaining to watch him gingerly poke at the frosting…. and then eventually start tearing it up and going crazy. Best cake eating photos, ever!

I first met this adorable family this last fall when the were first-time clients. I immediately fell in love with them, and I am so glad to work with them again!

You can see their fall family pictures here: Fall Family Mini Sessions: Part 1

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