Sleeklens Review : Lightroom Workflow for Portrait Photographers

Sleeklens | Strike A Pose Workflow: Lightroom

I was approached a few weeks ago by Sleeklens, a company who develops editing workflows for photographers.  They wanted to send me one of their workflows to play around with in exchange for an honest review of their product.  They sent me the Lightroom workflow, Strike A Pose, geared specifically for portrait photographers.

What You Get:

Strike A Pose is compatible with Lightroom 4-6 and CC. It comes with 62 Brushes, and 69 Portrait Presets.  It also comes with an arsenal of highly informative information to help you download and integrate the workflow. They even have “recipe lists” that give you step-by-step lists of how to incorporate several of their presets and brushes together.  On top of that, they have plenty of videos on YouTube to show you how to use their products.

My Shooting & Editing Style:

Before I start to say anything about what I think, I wanted to clarify what my personal style is, as it affects how I used and reviewed this workflow. When I photograph, I go into a session trying to get everything as perfect as possible straight out of camera. I want everything to look clean, bright and timeless. I want my images to have enough “pop” to them that they look amazing, but not so much that they are going to date themselves within a few years.  All of that being said, I probably err on the side of being an editing minimalist. :)


You receive 69 presets, and from there they are broken down like this: 1. All in One, 2. Base, 3. Exposure, 4. Color Correct, 5. Tone/Tint, 6. Polish & 7. Vignette.